I'm looking, are you?

I'm mostly versed in WordPress development but have had some professional and personal projects more extensive in JS and some Drupal development.

I have a listing of some sample projects and here is my Github page.

I have professional experience with:

Along with coding of websites comes experience in working with clients to understand and implement their goals for the project, proposal writing, project estimation, site maintenance, a solid understanding of the benefits and drawbacks of shared hosting, domain name registration and transfers, GSuite setup and mass email migration, and numerous other items.

In the evenings, after the kiddos are in bed and the kitchen, I have a personal project I'm working on to teach myself React and Redux. I refer to it as Rote. It's a text editor geared towards helping memorize a piece of text by, you guessed it, rote. You can copy in a piece of text, click the start button and you're shown a blank text editor. You can then begin typing your piece into the text editor and the editor will highlight misspelled text as you are typing. A rough non React/Redux version of the concept is available.

Contact me for more information or my resume!