This was an app for a teacher of workshops at the Center for Communicating Science, Stony Brook University. Geared towards teaching university level science majors how to communicate effectively with lay people; the site walks students through writing an article in a custom built text editor. The teacher wanted to be able to give the students the impression that he was ‘watching them over their shoulders’. An editor was developed that parses the students text as they are typing; checking each word and full sentence against regular expressions. When matches are found, depending upon the page, the word may be highlighted or have an alert attached. Alerts give the user further information the teacher has set up from within WordPress admin for that type of alert. All this is done while the user types, without interfering with the flow of the writing process. After the user has completed the they can ‘publish’ their articles for other others to give feedback on. The site includes an admin interface for viewing users articles and meta data related to the article.


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