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The F# Society

“Local artists from BOP STOP!!! The Bop Stop at The Music Settlement is Cleveland’s premier listening room: an intimate, acoustically pristine performance venue with sweeping views of Lake Erie.”

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Set a Max Execution Time in Your MYSQL Query

Sometimes I need to run a long query. Or sometimes when running one using TablePlus and it is taking a long time the kill process doesn’t always work. You can set a timeout with this syntax in your select /*+ MAX_EXECUTION_TIME(2000) */. The time is in milliseconds. This is a part of the mysql optimizer … Continued

Three Things I Tried to Fix a Failing Connection From Ulysses to My Custom WordPress Site

  1. I didn’t actually try this one (misdirection!) but it could be your issue. Shared hosting can block access to the /xmlrpc.php file. This plugin can help you get around that.
    Be sure to also follow the installation instructions:
  2. php-xmlrpc is not installed. sudo apt-get install php-xmlrpc. Then sudo service apache2 restart. Not my issue, but kept on looking.
  3. php-xml not installed. sudo apt-get install php-xml. Then sudo service apache2 restart. This was my issue!

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Oregon Employment, January 2021

“This morning the Oregon Employment Department released the latest employment report. The good news is jobs rebounded in January, following losses in December. More importantly from a data perspective we also got the annual benchmark revisions as well.”

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Workaday Reading

What is SvelteKit?

“SvelteKit is an upcoming app framework built around Svelte. As the next evolution to Sapper, it inherits much of its functionality such as file-based routing, Server Side Rendering, and TypeScript support.”

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