The youngest and me.
The youngest and me.

Originally from the Seattle area I've spent time living in Northern Arizona and Brooklyn. I've lived in Bend, Oregon for the last four years with my family.

I've worked at Roundhex since June of 2013.

Before that I did contract work with V3Mediaworks.

I started my journey down the web development rabbit hole with an AAS-T Degree in Web Application Programming Technology from Cascadia College in 2011.

I look forward to the puzzles that being a web developer brings me on a daily basis. I enjoy starting my days thinking about what's on my plate. How am I going to take what I know and create this page, this animation, this easily editable backend? How should I split up these designs containing layouts for four different breakpoints and make them editable for the client in a way that's just flexible enough for them so that it's not confusing and not giving them a way to break the layout?

Along with coding of websites comes experience in working with clients to understand and implement their goals for the project, proposal writing, project estimation, site maintenance, a solid understanding of the benefits and drawbacks of shared hosting, domain name registration and transfers, GSuite setup and mass email migration, and numerous other items.

I have professional experience with: