My first work with Xero came out of our company needing to begin charging our customers for Washington State sales tax.

At the time all the contacts were manually being grouped within the Xero API.
The project was to programmatically add and remove contacts from Xero groups when a specific report was run.

I was able to group contacts into their respective state and country groups based on their laboratory or practice office addresses. Additionally we grouped practices into the brand of practice management software they use based on data in our DB.

I ensure practices which are either removed completely, change location, or switch to a different practice management software are not only added to their new groups but are also removed from their old ones.
It’s a comparing of our database values and what groups they should be in to the actual groups they are in on Xero’s side before updating on Xero.

I had noticed that we had duplicate Xero customer IDs in our database. In the spirit of leaving things better than when arrived I added a check when the report is run to find duplicates and email them so they can be manually handled.
It was a fun project and helped me be more familiar with Xero when I got into testing our Stripe and Xero integrations.

Xero UI group dropdown list