One of my earlier projects at EasyRx was what we affectionately call EATS (EasyRx Aligner Tracking System).

The interface helps doctors track how many batches and trays within each batch of clear aligners they have planned for a patient.

Aligner Tracking Overlay
Aligner tracking overlay with color legend open

It also tracks and calculates batch timing allowing for default and custom lengths and days.

The batches can be added and edited from different parts of the app as it is a simple overlay opened from a link.

While not a designer by any stretch of the imagination I did design the look and interactions. I enjoyed that part particularly as it's not something I get opportunities to do here at EasyRx.

There was a fair amount of business logic implemented in js and php to set up default values and make automated calculations for dates and counts. The js screams for tests to be added and if I'm ever allowed back in there I am planning on using Jasmine to do so.

EATS overlay with color legend
EATS overlay with date picker open

There is also a dashboard page. This pulls up any prescriptions which have specific parts we flag as marking a prescription for Aligner Tracking. The "P" and "D" columns match the "Printed" and "Mark as Delivered" toggles you can see in the screenshots of the overlay. Clicking the "N" or "Y" (<--Y not seen in this screenshot) in the row will toggle the value.
The Aligner Tracking link in the far right column opens up the overlay.

This video show some of the interactions.