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They share a lot, astronomy and childhood. Both are voyages across huge distances. Both search for facts beyond their grasp. Both theorize wildly and let possibilities multiply without limits. Both are humbled every few weeks. Both operate out of ignorance. Both are mystified by time. Both are forever starting out. From Bewilderment by Richard Powers

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"The Blue Ridge Mountains conjure a romantic vision of the central Appalachian Mountains on the east coast of the US, immortalised by Dolly Parton, John Denver and the Grateful Dead, among others."

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Drupal Paragraphs

"Paragraphs is the new way of content creation! It allows you — Site Builders — to make things cleaner so that you can give more editing power to your end-users."
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What does death look like when we live within it?

What does death look like when we live within it? It looks like surrender. Instead of feeding on the backlog of our emotional reactions we just drop them; in place of elaboration we are quiet; instead of projecting out our discomforts we become accountable for them; and in place of surmounting a problem we drop … Continued

The Liberated Energy of the Formless

Most of us do not want to grow beyond what we know ourselves to be, and confronting death will force us to reexamine our conclusions. Once awareness is able to move through that resistance, an enormous amount of pent-up energy is liberated. That energy is the glue that has cemented our human sense-of-self together since … Continued

Listening and Awareness

This shift toward allowing ourselves to be fully embraced by awareness starts with a keen interest in understanding what we are. Listening is the receptive action of awareness, and begins with the humility to release our knowledge and opinions to receive what is actually occurring. We “listen” to what awareness is revealing about what we … Continued

Add a Resize Handle for WordPress Post and Page Edit Sidebar

I was converting some ACF fields to Gutenberg ACF fields and put together some options for how/where content can be edited. The acf_register_block_type() function has the mode option. The allowed values are: – auto: Preview is shown by default but changes to edit form when block is selected. – preview: Preview is always shown. Edit … Continued

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Stop mocking about: Event Dispatcher

"I don't like mocks in unit testing (I use them, but don't like them). It often results in tests that only assure some specific method was called with certain parameters. It is this approach that may lead some to think that writing tests is writing the code twice, and therefore a waste of time."

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COUNT(*) vs COUNT(id) in MySQL

"TL;DR: Use COUNT(), not COUNT(id), when you want to count rows. You have probably read in a bunch of different places that you shouldn't use SELECT() in MySQL when you don't need all the data. SELECT(*) selects all the columns in the table, not just the ones that you might need."

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