Git – suboptimal pack – out of memory – How to fix

Screenshot of "suboptimal pack - out of memory" warning

I was cloning a remote repo to set up a local install and got a suboptimal pack - out of memory notice quickly followed by the fatal failure of the clone. Man the ramparts! To the google! This was helpful: By default pack.windowMemory and pack.packSizeLimit are set to 0 (which means unlimited). Apparently, and … Continued

How to use an ssh config file to automatically change directories on login

Seems simple enough, but it took a couple sessions for me to figure out the magical combination. The context is that at work we have multiple sandboxes. There are personal ones and then a development and staging sandbox everyone pushes to. I wanted to run this simple Alfred workflow I use which pulls from my … Continued

Save only specific files to stash in git repository

The -m will set the message for the stash and multiple files can be specified.

git stash push -m 'put back on practice-signup-changes' apps/frontend/lib/helper/SignupHelper.php apps/frontend/modules/signup/templates/practiceSuccess.php