Git Message Verbosity

I love me a long git commit message. I’m telling a story and by George you’re going to see it, read it, and love it. Well, I think you should, I think my future self should.

Git – suboptimal pack – out of memory – How to fix

Screenshot of "suboptimal pack - out of memory" warning

I was cloning a remote repo to set up a local install and got a suboptimal pack - out of memory notice quickly followed by the fatal failure of the clone. Man the ramparts! To the google! This was helpful: By default pack.windowMemory and pack.packSizeLimit are set to 0 (which means unlimited). Apparently, and … Continued

Git’s update-index’s assume-unchanged vs skip-worktree

We have some config files on my companies app which I need to change for my local install to work. I was using git update-index --assume-unchanged to ignore my local changes. This allowed me to switch between branches and commit The downfall to this is that this file hasn’t been touched in months and I … Continued

Save only specific files to stash in git repository

The -m will set the message for the stash and multiple files can be specified.

git stash push -m 'put back on practice-signup-changes' apps/frontend/lib/helper/SignupHelper.php apps/frontend/modules/signup/templates/practiceSuccess.php

Git –assume-unchanged

When installing apps locally some files have data which is unique to your install path or domain. For example I installed our app at EasyRx locally and the yaml setting for the domain used for cookies was tracked by git. I changed the value in my local install but then it showed up as a … Continued