Writing back

I read the email while the boy industrially played in the bath. For the moment without need It was more than I wanted, it turned out. I couldn’t have told you I wanted something, anything out if it, but there it was. The mind retreated from it, to the noise of the dripping bath water … Continued

On the Floor

You sleep on the floor with the child and when he clumsily wakes in his dark he rolls and throws his back into your belly and head into your chest. His body finding its mark and place of rest. you are enough. The only wrapping numbing your touch to the room, your thoughts, hardly deserving … Continued

At rest

A momentary rest, sitting diagonally across the bed from the lamp; on, cover askew. Rumpled blankets catch and shade the light with their landscape. Things at rest reflecting their suchness and I momentarily knowing. And then the child coughs and the child cries which is apparently, too much for before toes and hands rise to … Continued