Updating MAMP (ramblings whilst trying to update mamp)

I am a MAMP user. I’ve used it since March of 2014.

I have lot’s of projects in my MAMP’s htdoc directory. I could probably clean them out/archive them, more often then I do but I don’t (I have it all on Github so there’s really no reason why).
In any case, I quickly learned back in 2014 that if I didn’t empty out my massive htdoc directory full of client sites it would take forever for MAMP to update.

I seem to remember a past Mac OS X update claiming faster file processing or something like that so maybe it’s better now, or maybe Appsolute has worked some magic on their end.

In any case, here’s another MAMP update I’ve been putting off because my process involves moving all my directories to Documents, updating and then moving them back after the update (wicked fast that way). But I only ever think about it in the morning when all I want to do is get to the good stuff (coding) not changing tires (updating). Here I am 4:54 PM quitting PHPStorm so it doesn’t flip out when I behead all it’s paths and it’s left with nothing. Open up iterm and mv ./* /Users/kevin/Documents/mamp-backup/. Update.

Ugh (wicked fast he says)…error…’update could not be validated, please make sure you’re on a secure network’. See, this is why I don’t waste my golden morning time with this.

MAMP error: The update could not be validated. Please make sure that you are using a secure network and try again.
Karma coming after my words

I really do like MAMP. I’ve tried using Devilbox two times over the last few years but it’s slow. Really, I could get past the more manual part of it, but the sites when developing were slow. I couldn’t justify it or take it. I have my two Ubuntu boxes at DO to play with.
When I’m trying to get a site developed I don’t want to feel like I’m fighting with my tools, because, well so often I can be. (!)

Okay, well, I fixed my issue. Or, someone else told me how (in case you need to know too). Actually, that didn’t work either or at least not only. I had to restart my computer, then run the updater. Now it’s time to mv ./* /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/.